Providing high quality care and advice for your youngstock

Youngstock are the future of your herd. Investing in your rearing system will allow for an improved quality of your herd. In order to see these results, it is important to follow a structured and goal orientated approach; which will support a continuous progression of your herd.

Blood sampling to measure colostrum administration success and regular weighing of your calves can be used to produce a tailored report, which can highlight any areas requiring improvement. A member of our Vet Tech team will be able to gather the information needed to produce the report, and alongside the advice of a vet, we will be able to adapt an action plan in correlation with the results.

Our Vet Tech team are also able to carry out Stress-free disbudding, under the guidance of a Vet. Stress-free disbudding involves sedation of the calf, which reduces the risk of injury and stress. Research shows that the Daily Live Weight Gain (DLWG) of calves after being disbudded using sedation was greater than those disbudded without sedation. During this procedure, we are also able to check (and remove) any supernumerary teats, and perform any vaccinations.

For any extra information regarding our Youngstock Services, please contact: or by phoning the office on 01963 350307.

Services Provided

  • Stress Free Disbudding
  • Calf weighing
  • Vaccinations
  • Blood Sampling
  • Colostrum testing
  • Supernumerary teat removal
  • Tailored reports and advice

Meet the Team

Candice Popham - Large Animal Veterinary Surgeron

Candice Popham

Candice Popham BVetMed MRCVS Large Animal Veterinary Surgeron
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Giles Turner - Foot Trimmer

Giles Turner

Giles Turner Foot Trimmer
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Chris Watts - Foot Trimmer

Chris Watts

Chris Watts Foot Trimmer
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Phillip Bath - Foot Trimmer

Phillip Bath

Phillip Bath Foot Trimmer
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Katie Goodwin - Large Animal Administrator & Vet Tech

Katie Goodwin

Katie Goodwin Large Animal Administrator & Vet Tech
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